" Having a two-year-old is like having a blender that you don't have the top for" 
- Jerry Seinfeld 

"Before I got married I had six theories on how children should be raised, now I have six children and no theories" 

- John Wilmont 


Shout Outs

The name for MOMumental came from a hilarious mom who has her own Blog called By Claudya.  She is the mother of two and helps to bring a little levity to the monumental task of parenting.  Check out her blog by clicking below 

What's New 

Serena is now a staff midwife at the San Francisco Birth Center!  This amazing center serves women and their families by providing prenatal care, labor and delivery services and postpartum care.  in addition to class, education and community resources.  Check it out by clicking on image to the left. 

Learning all about sexuality education in Amsterdam for project BLOOM, sexuality education for children.  The picture is at the Humania exhibit at the NEMO museum is a must for anyone headed to the Netherlands 

Serena is on a podcast! This is a fun and informative podcast, lots of great guests and topics all about the postpartum period.  Listen to the interview by clicking here. 

Best TED Talk we have seen in a while! 

Parents Doing BIG Things

Fantastic couple and parents of two very active boys, Malia and Jonny Moseley have started a new snack company called IOTA.  Along with their partner Johanna Creighton, the Moseley's have brought sunflower seeds to a whole other level. They have small snack sizes for lunches and an ingenious spouted pouch for the larger size. IOTA sunflower kernels are available in select stores and online.  

CLICK BELOW to find out more.

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