My partner and I took Serena's postpartum class a few weeks ago and we thought it was fantastic. We've been taking quite a few classes and reading books to prepare us for the birth but it was suggested to us by many parents that we make the time for a class that talks about what happens AFTER. Several of my mom friends told me that they were so unprepared with how intense that time was that they felt like someone should have warned them so they could have mentally prepared. We are really glad that we took this class! Serena is very engaging and the time flew by. We learned so much about what to expect in the first 4-6 weeks and 90% of it was new information to both of us. I know we both feel better prepared for what is to come. I only wish this was a series class so we could fit more in! 

- Wendy S. 

From MOMumentalsf FB page:

Serena is an amazing teacher. She keeps it light and funny while giving you and your partner/support person the information you all need to begin preparing for the postpartum period. 
As a first time mom, I'd heard those around me say things like "forget sleeping", "say goodbye to alone time", "you will never be more tired in your life"... and this scared me. Serena put it all into perspective and helped my partner and I develop a plan to support me and him in the postpartum period. The class provided real guidance and helped us prepare for the unknown. 
The class is really designed to help you think about what you and those around you can do to support you, your partner, and your little one. We experienced challenges in the postpartum period, but we were able to address them and get support because of the preparation we received in Serena's class. 
I know I would have been stuck without the information that Serena provided in her class. She gave me the tools to navigate the postpartum period. I am so thankful that I took her class. I highly recommend this class!

- Katherine 

From: YELP:

We went to the class on 18 November and it was REALLY useful with so much practical knowledge. It is true that people spend so much time preparing for the arrival of baby - but what about once it is here?! Serena has so much experience and knowledge from the perspective of a Midwife, Practitioner, and a mother. 

Highlights of the class were going over essentials to have right after birth, talking about sex after birth, and the CPR class. Not only was the class packed with information (and the opportunity for participants to share), she sends you home with a binder filled with great resources.

Highly recommended!

- Tiffany T. 

From YELP:

Serena was so thoughtful and engaging in her class. I have had no experience what so ever with newborns and I've never seen anyone in the postpartum period - and now I feel much more confident and informed.  I really appreciated her unique perspective as a mom of three and a midwife, I don't know if I could of found that anywhere else. Serena's funny and well informed, keeping it so real and authentic - the time flew by.  In fact, I would have liked it if it was longer!

I think all soon-to-be parents NEED this class - five stars all the way!!


-Johanna C. 

From Yelp:

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