I am a Certified Nurse Midwife, a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and the mother of three extraordinary girls (a six year old and 20 month old twins).  I started MOMumental after leaving my job as a Midwife in a small community hospital in San Francisco.  I had always felt a pang of guilt when I discharged a patient. Wishing them luck, I would send them off to the most challenging six weeks of their life with a packet of handouts and a peri bottle.  I heard time and time again from mothers about the lack of readiness they felt for the first six weeks of parenthood.  I too felt unprepared, wishing I really had understood what a huge change my life would take with the birth of my first daughter.    


Deciding to stay home with my girls was also an eye opening experience.  While I love my girls and am constantly amazed by their accomplishments, I felt that I was losing a part of myself.  I found it difficult to connect with my friends, as every telephone ring would trigger a full melt down from one, if not all, of my children.  Physically getting out the door was getting harder as my entourage grew and finding childcare for the random lecture or coffee date I wanted to attend was virtually impossible.  All of my conversations started revolving around my children and I slowly felt that my identity as a mother was trumping all of my other ones.  I wanted a space to connect with other parents, a space where I could bring my children and talk about things I wanted to learn about.  I am curious about so many things and wanted a place to statisfy these curiosities.  I could not find that place, and so I created it.  


I am so excited to learn from other parents as they share their expertise with others.  I am inspired to teach expectant parents about the realities of the postpartum period and to help create networks of support where parents can support parents. I look forward to meeting all of the parents as we grow our MOMumental community. 

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