Breastfeeding Resource



Lactation Consultants 


Farrell Topham


Ami Burnham, LM, RN, IBCLC


Serena Meyer, RN, IBCLC


Amy Clark


 Amrit K Khalsa R.N. IBCLC (EastBay)

Online Resources 


Kelly Mom- Breastfeeding articles and information

San Francisco Breastfeeding Promotion Coalition- resources lists, educational materials


La Leche League International- Information, support and meetings around the city


Nursing Mothers Council- Phone Counseling, Classes, Referrals Pumps



LactMed - free database of medications and breastfeeding


Thomas Hale Medications and Mothers’ Milk- requires subscription or you need to by the print version 


Tracy Massillon’s BLOG about breastfeeding and more, lactation services as well


Breastfeeding Mama Talk - Breastfeeding blogs, tips and information


Office on Women’s Health- general information and helpful tips


Breastfeeding After Breast and Nipple Surgery- Articles, information, blogs




Breastfeeding Support Groups,

Classes, Pumps and more 


Community Well:


Natural Resources:




La Leche League:


Day One:


UCSF Women's Health Resource Ctr./Great Expectations


St. Luke's Breastfeeding Center



California Pacific Medical Center Newborn Connections

415-800-BABY (2229)



WIC (San Francisco County)

Services: Outpatient Consultation, Peer Counseling, Pumps, Breastfeeding Supplies

SF General: 415-206-5494

Silver Ave: 415-657-1724

Ocean Park: 415-682-1928

Southeast: 415-671-7059





Postpartum Doula 


Susan Arthur


Esther Gallagher


Caroline Kerherve


Beth Rees and Jessica Wilson


Dominique Martin


Mary B Flynn at Bay Area Baby Squad


Heather Hughes at Home Girls


Madeleine A. Maguire

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