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Preparing for the Postpartum, Newborn Care and Infant CPR


Preparing your life for the first few months of parenthood is one of the most important things you will do during pregnancy. While no one can ever be fully prepared for the postpartum period there are a few tips of the trade that can help ease your transition.  This class will explore ways to prepare your home, your relationship and your bathroom for the first six weeks after giving birth.  The class will cover the typical healing process after birth, important pre-baby conversations, how to create layers of support, newborn care and more.


Classes are taught by a

Serena Saeed-Winn, a Nurse Midwife, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and Mother of three.  


To sign up visit momumentalsf.com


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are taught at



78 Ocean Avenue, San Francisco

about momumental

  MOMumental  seeks to reduce the isolation and singular focus that comes with caring for children.  MOMumental will encourage us to foster all parts of our identity and in turn be better, happier, and more well-rounded people for ourselves and our kids.


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