Speaker Series 


Mindful Parenting 101: Meditation and Beyond

1/31/18 10:30-11:30 




 In this class you'll learn basics of meditation in the vipassana or insight meditation tradition, with a focus on identifying and overcoming the mental barriers that prevent many of us from developing a meditation practice.  So if you've ever said "I can't meditate" then

this class is for you!  We will also discuss other ways to cultivate mindfulness

in our parenting and will draw on participants' personal experiences to explore

how acceptance and compassion can help us show up for our kids as our best


Taught by                                                                  a licensed psychologist and mother of two boys 


Sex and Intimacy After Baby

 2/21, 2/28 (10:30-11:30)






This non-judgmental, fun and informative class will explore sex and intimacy after having a baby.  Emphasis will be on normalizing common roadblocks to pleasure while giving practical tools to help you navigate your sex life as a parent.  Topics include, common post-baby challenges, herbs and essential oils to enhance libido, toys and lubes, communication tools and resources for further learning.  This is a great class for parents of any gender orientation or partnership configuration and we welcome you to bring your little ones. While children are welcome as we want to make this accessible for stay-at-home parents,

we want you to know that we won't be limiting anyone's language or vocabulary around

sexuality and bodies, so it is up to your discretion on the temperament of your child.

Parents-to-Be are welcome as well.


Taught by Guest speakers, along with                                    a Certified Nurse Midwife, Women's Health Nurse Practitioner and a mother

You Are So Amazing & I Am So Bored: Parenting & Emotional Multi-tasking

3/21/18 10:30-11:30





In this class, we will talk (and also laugh, hopefully!) about the impact of the layered and often contradictory emotional experience of parenting. Learning to stay present—and how to return to conscious presence more quickly—in the midst of both the demands of everyday life and the gnarly emotional dissonance that parenting sometimes holds, can feel like a really tall order. 

Here’s the good news (I mean, besides the fact that you have this amazing little being who blows your mind/drives you crazy/teaches you all kinds of things about yourself and the                                               human experience constantly): there are some really simple, useful tools for

grounding yourself in all of this. That is where your best, deepest, most aligned

parenting AND self-care is going to come from; from staying connecting to yourself

as you go. Let’s learn how to do that.

Taught by                         a life coach, creative art therapist and mother .

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