MOMumental has moved to virtual classes for the time being. 

Check out our classes online, with more to come each day.

If you would like to teach a classes please contact me at:

In Community, Serena 

MOMumental seeks to reduce the isolation and singular focus that comes with parenting by supporting parents

through education, resources and community.

Preparing for the postpartum period is one of the most important things that you can do in your pregnancy.  Join other parents-to-be to learn how to prepare, grow and enjoy this challenging yet exciting time. 

Preparing for the Postpartum class includes: 

* Postpartum recovery, healing process and danger signs

* Infant CPR and first aid taught by experts from In Home CPR  

* Ways to prepare for life, work and time changes

* Relationship changes and ways to protect your partnership after baby

* Newborns look weird: normal newborns and newborn care 

Are you a parent that has thoughts that do not involve your baby?  Do you have identities other then mother, father or parent? Do you want a place where you can bring your baby and teach others things that you are an expert at, or learn from other parents that are experts in other fields? MOMumental is your parent group.  


Join us to teach or learn and create a community of thinking parents.

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